Doctor who?

It’s easy to get carried away thinking about the joys of being parents — decorating a nursery, writing some awesome bedtime stories and being able to play with LEGOs and not feel weird.

But since I’ve never been good at sports and the only thing I can catch is a cold, the hunt is on for a doctor to deliver the baby. And you know, checkups and things.

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The big news

Starting a blog is something my significant other has encouraged me to do for a long time. In fact, she’s given me two journals in the last six months (one for my birthday, the other our anniversary). Both were met with eye rolls. I’m a writer by trade. I spend my days working at a newspaper telling other people’s stories. I’ve never had much drive to tell my own.

That changed On March 14, 2017. I found the motivation shortly after learning I’m going to be a father. If television shows and movies are right, this is going to be terrific, amazing, terrifying and a whole lot of other emotions, too. This blog will serve as a record of my journey.

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