Telling Tyler

It’s been nearly four weeks since I found out Kayla is pregnant.

In those four weeks I’ve used every ounce of strength I could muster to not share the news with friends, family or even complete strangers. And believe me, there were times I wanted to tell the drive through lady I was having a baby and see if I could score a free Runza out of the deal, but did not.

Turns out I actually have willpower. At least enough to only share this news with… well, everyone on the internet. But I haven’t shared the news in person. Until last Saturday, at more than 2,000 feet.

This weekend Kayla and I took a four-day trip to the Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona for a weekend of hiking, exploring and going to a basketball game.

Joining us were our friends Tyler and Jeni, who made the drive from their Long Beach home to join us in Arizona.

Kayla and I decided to share the news for the first time on this trip.

There are a couple reasons for this.

One, Tyler is one of my oldest friends, we met at a young age, graduated high school together and roomed in college before he left for the coast. You naturally want to tell those close to you in person, and who knows when we’ll see them next? With a baby coming, travel opportunities will likely be limited.

Two, people can’t keep secrets. Period. Confiding in one fellow Nebraskan would likely result in the news spreading like a virus, but our California friends are fairly secluded, so the news will likely stay between us.

Kayla and I decided to share the news during the trip at some point, but there were no specifics of when or where.

We dropped the news near the top of Camelback Mountain, after a 1.4-mile hike that was much more challenging than anticipated.

I would describe portions of the trail as mountain climbing rather than hiking, but we reached the top, posed for some photos, admired the view and headed back down to street level.

Early into the descent the conversation shifted to talks of how our friends are all having kids. My eyes darted to Kayla, she nodded giving me the go ahead to say something.

Then, the unexpected happened. I got stung by a bee for the third time in my life.

This isn’t one of those internet lies you always read about. It really happened, and shut me up quick. Actually there was a yelp involved and a brief discussion what to do for a bee sting. Squeeze it? Scratch it? Pee on it? Suck the venom out? Everything in that order?

I settled on some light  scratching. And naturally, this occurred 10 minutes into hiking down a 1,280-foot mountain.

Kayla shot me a disappointed head shake that I missed my window to drop the news, but I steered things back on track with a subtle, “You were saying?”

The talk progressed to pressure from family for Tyler and Jeni to procreate and his own apprehensions.

“Would it make you feel better about it if I told you we’re having a kid?”

“No you’re not.”

“Actually, we are.”

Poof! It was out there.

Our big news was met with congratulations, and a series of questions.

One of which was asking if this meant we were going to get married, prompting Kayla’s famous eye roll.

There were more congratulations through the trip, questions and answers.

We shared fears, hopes and dreams. And it felt good. Just to talk about things with someone outside the Scott and Kayla bubble was a new sensation.

The news has officially been shared. Now for our families, which may take some more thought.