Be good parents? There’s an app for that

Today, I’m thinking back on the last couple months and all the wonderful advice we got from friends and family after finding out we’re expecting our first child.

Kidding! Come on, it’s 2017. We each grabbed our respective Macbook in one hand, smartphone in the other and Googled our hearts out.

In our defense, we had more than two months before we could safely tell anyone. It’s not like we could just ignore the situation until then. We were eager to learn all we could as soon as we could.

Today, I want to share some of the hit and misses I’ve come across in my search for parental resources on the Internet.

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Cheers and tears

We considered waiting to tell people about B.K. until we needed a babysitter, but then an opportunity arose that was as good as any.

The Lincoln Marathon.

Much of her family came to town to watch her run. Those who didn’t might wish they did, because we dropped the news shortly after running a combined 26.2 miles. Continue reading “Cheers and tears”