Cheers and tears

We considered waiting to tell people about B.K. until we needed a babysitter, but then an opportunity arose that was as good as any.

The Lincoln Marathon.

Much of her family came to town to watch her run. Those who didn’t might wish they did, because we dropped the news shortly after running a combined 26.2 miles.

Actually, there really wasn’t much choice. Here’s been the beauty of keeping this a secret so far. We’ve historically given up alcohol with the new year until after the race. This means there was a built-in excuse why Kayla hadn’t been drinking that nobody questioned. I usually do this too, but admit that I gave up when I turned 30 in late February.

With the race behind us, not having a celebratory Coors or other delight would have been a dead giveaway. Kayla’s sister, the only family member who knew in advance, subtly handed Kayla a drink menu when we sat down to lunch after running anyway, knowing Kayla would respond, “Well, I can’t decide. I’ll just have water for now.”

Well played, Andrea.

Though dishonesty is a bad trait, I was also incredibly pleased to hear that Kayla conned herself a second medal, since she was running for two. This could very well make it into a “Baby’s first marathon!” reveal for Facebook. But B.K. if you’re reading this someday in the future, stealing is always, always wrong!

The gang of 15 went to a pizza place after the run, where a plan would unfold.

We kept with a race theme and made a custom bib — the kind for babies, not racing — with a plan for Kayla to propose a group photo, reach for her “bib” and the news would be out there.

With shaky hands I recorded the reveal from my phone, wondering what their reactions would be.

I’ll describe most as shocked, surprised and in some instances speechless.

Hopefully I interpreted this correct and these weren’t looks and screams of horror. Particularly with Kayla’s dad, who seemed excited until being called “grandpa” for the first time.

Typically I would continue on with some witty comments about the experience. But some things you just have to see for yourself.

One week later, it was time to tell my side.

Our news coincided with Mother’s Day so we decided to incorporate that into the reveal.

I got my mom a card intended for a grandmother, and loaded it with an ultrasound photo.

This may go down as the cheapest Mother’s Day gift I’ve bought, though I’ll be paying for it the next 18 years.

On Sunday morning, with Kayla ready to record, I told my parents to gather so I could give my mom her gift.

There were nerves and anticipation, but it was easier to maintain after going through it the week before. It also helped that it was just my parents, rather than the whole gang.

I opened with a stern warning that the gift was from both of us, and she had better like it because it can’t be returned.

This prompted exactly what I expected, a mom comeback about how we shouldn’t spend money and she doesn’t need gifts, yada yada yada while my dad looked on.

She looked at the card, exclaimed, “grandma!?” and I told her to look inside. Cue the waterworks and check out the video.

That afternoon we met with my grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins for lunch.

Burnt out from all the planned reveals and emotions that followed, we decided to drop the news whenever the time was right.

My aunt asked about a fall trip we had planned to see a football game. I said I wasn’t sure if we were still going, that traveling could be tough.

Met with confused looks, I casually said, “Oh, Kayla’s pregnant.”

Thus began the third wave of questions and congratulations.

Sharing the news can be stressful. You spend a lot of time thinking how you’re going to tell people and there are a lot of emotions involved. At the same time, it’s a great feeling.

There’s a real sense of unburdening that comes with not having to keep this huge secret, not have to worry about accidentally spilling the beans. Best of all is the love you feel, the excitement others have for your good news and the reinforcement that your family is always there for you.

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  1. Scott & Kayla,
    Already loving the blog! 👶🏼❤️
    This will be a great way for me to stay updated
    When Tyler forgets to share!
    So excited for both of you and this blessing you have created! Already so loved!
    Hope to see you on my next visit!

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