100 days and counting

As I write this, we’re at right around 100 days away from being parents.

That’s right, the countdown is nearing double digits.

Side note: this blog post is best enjoyed while playing “The Final Countdown” as you read.

One hundred days. It seems like an eternity and right around the corner at the same time.

We still have plenty to do to prepare for B.K., like a lot, but there are a few steps we’ve taken or started to prepare for a bundle of joy.

Since learning I would be a father, I knew this was unavoidable.  

‘It’s like ripping off a Band-Aid” I told myself. “You’re going to be a dad. It needs to be done. Just get it over with.”

With this final pep talk, I walked through the threshold to enter IKEA.

There’s one section of IKEA Kayla and I have historically sped through without stopping. That’s where we spent most of our time, and a whole lot of money, on that fateful Chicago day.

I’ll spare you the details of our shopping trip and picking out that perfect shade of white for the nursery, but here’s the highlights after 2 ½ hours: a crib, dresser and shelf we intend to set on it’s side for a bench, in addition to some smaller items.

I thought the fun was over after our shopping cart got stuck on an elevator. The real fun started in the parking lot.

We worked the IKEA trip into our vacation itinerary earlier this month.

The safe bet was that we could come home with a full load, and had two options: We could take my pickup (18 mpg) or her Mazda hatchback (40 mpg) on the 1,000-mile round trip.

We opted for the more fuel efficient option.

“This should all fit,” I reassured Kayla on the way out of the store. I was technically right. After rearranging boxes for 30 minutes, everything was in the car and the hatch was shut.

The front passenger’s feet couldn’t touch the floor and the driver was on top of the steering wheel, but it all fit.

Eight hours like that would have been rough, so we decided to return a mirror (another hourlong process) we had also picked up. Sorry B.K. No reflections for you.

The worst part? We didn’t even get Swedish meatballs.

It’s a special feeling, putting the nursery together. I couldn’t wait to start the process. We got to work when we got home at about 9 p.m. and were finished the next morning. The room feels so much bigger without a guest bed in it, and will eventually fill up with toys, diapers and whatever else you need to take care of a child.

We wanted to buy these larger items ourselves, but are counting on you, beautiful friends and family members, to assist with some of the smaller items.

One exception is the room does have a vibrant red record player, a hand-me-down to B.K. from dad that Kayla gave me 10 years ago.

Next up on the to-do list was put together a birth plan, a term we’d heard before but didn’t really know what it all consisted of.

Birth plan? Kayla pushes while I enjoy a cigar in the lobby?

Just kidding! It’s 2017 and we’re a modern couple. I’ll obviously have to smoke the cigar in the parking lot.

We looked at several examples of birth plans and put together our own. Some parts were obvious. Epidural? Yes please.

Other questions we had no idea what to make of, such as, “Would you like an episiotomy?”

Google that one yourself for an insight to the world of expectant parents.

It was surprising just how many items we had no real opinion on. Things like the brightness level in the room.

The template we worked off had a list of possible items, with an option to check the ones you would like. Including an option stating, “I would like as few interruptions as possible.”

Why no, we would like a handful of interruptions. Not an excessive amount, but how about four?

The final main step we’ve taken I’ll mention is an attempt to find a doctor for when B.K. gets here. We’re taking a similar approach we used to find the delivery man. Pretty much reading random reviews. But think we’ve found someone we’ll hopefully like.

Her office said she’s taking new patients, but that we can’t meet her for another few weeks. So there’s something for us (and you!) to look forward to.

So there it is. A few steps taken in the right direction. But so many more to go.

A wise man who found out he was going to be a father once mused that you never feel ready. OK, it wasn’t a wise man. That was me in my first blog post. And while those feelings of unpreparedness may never fully go away, we’re at least feeling slightly more confident as time goes on.

3 Replies to “100 days and counting”

  1. Scott & Kayla.. loving the blog!
    And.. love you two also!

    Nice IKEA purchases! Hope to see you in Sept.
    For “Two at the zoo!”
    Love , Mama Michele & Greg

  2. Scott & Kayla.. loving the blog!
    And.. love you two also!

    Nice IKEA purchases! Hope to see you in Sept.
    For “Two at the zoo!”
    Love , Mama Michele & Greg

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