T minus 10…

November seems like a long time from now.

Long as it sounds, we can count the number of weeks on our fingers, which for some reason prompts anxiety every time Kayla holds her hands up like a mime in a box to show me.

By this time next week, the week count will be down to single digits. Don’t even get me started on the month count. (Two!)

Here’s what we’ve been up to recently.

(Another) doctor

The hunt for a pediatrician went remarkably smooth. We took a similar approach to how we found our delivery man and scanned online profiles, ensuring she was a Husker fan to meet Kayla’s requirement. I was on the ball to set up an appointment early. I first reached out to her office more than a month ago to meet the doc and was told that was farther than they can schedule and we had plenty of time. So I called back a month later and we finally met the doc on Wednesday.

Kayla and I both like her. She’s a chatty, animal-loving woman who seemed like a good fit.

We visited for around 45 minutes. Going into it, Kayla and I weren’t sure exactly who was interviewing who. I came with a notepad loaded with questions regardless, most of which she answered without being asked as she brought us up to speed on her career.

Added bonus: The clinic she works at is in the process of building a brand new office less than five minutes from our house, and across the street from Target. Also right next to a mortuary, but we’re focusing on the Target part.

Party planning

Later this month Kayla is having her baby shower. Whoops, not a shower. It’s just a party.

She’s not a big fan of the traditional shower scene. Who would have thought, the unmarried yet dedicated couple having a kid would lean toward the less traditional?

She’s instead rolling with an Oktoberfest theme. There’s coincidentally an Oktoberfest event in Lincoln that day that should tie in nicely. 

Her party will have beer, for everyone but her, and gifts will not be opened there. Speaking of gifts, we went to Target, the one across from our future clinic next to a mortuary, and set up a registry.

The process was intense, yet fun. We stuck to the basics, though I intend to add a case of Coors Light to the list before all is said and done.

Side note, if any of you lovely readers want to get us something you can find the registry online and did I mention we love you for thinking of us?

The name game

I’m writing this post from the car.

We’re driving home after a trip to Oklahoma for her brother’s graduation.

Much of the drive so far has been a discussion of names.

Here’s the deal when it comes to B.K.’s name. We decided not to tell anyone what her name will be until it’s official. We want the name to be a secret between us until then. Also, we mean it when people ask and we say we don’t know what her name will be. Don’t get me wrong, we have a very strong contender or two.

But there are still plenty of options being considered.

An unexpected trend is proposing several names that start with B, just because we’ve gotten so used to the initials B.K. that it’s almost hard to think we’ll have to give them up in two months. So cheers to you, Beyonce Koperski! Just kidding.

While we have our own ideas, feel free to comment below with your own ideas or suggestions. If we end up using your idea, you automatically move to the top of the “potential babysitters” list. If that’s not an incentive, I don’t know what is.

More “Alien” references

That’s pretty much what’s been going on lately. Oh, and Kayla’s getting big!

Yesterday I had to buckle her shoes for her. Yeah, that big.

She feels pretty good overall, but is getting to that point where bending down is difficult. B.K. is also feisty. Feeling her kick, while special every single time, is now old news. Now you can see her kicking from Kayla’s belly, further reminding me of the scene in every movie from the “Alien” series right before things get real bad for the unsuspecting cast.

Obviously there’s no alien in Kayla’s belly. Just a little angel, right? We’ll find out in 10 weeks, when we finally get to meet her.

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  1. I read your fireworks post too late to comment, so I’m commenting here. 🙂 The one thing I can say with confidence at this point is you will never be able to take BK on a four wheeler without giving Mom a mini heart attack.

    We just learn to live with the heart palpitations. 😉

  2. Go with your inner Kardashian and go with Kourtney Koperski. Not that I’m biased on that name or anything 😉.

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