Prost! for parties, not showers

It became a regular occurrence after work.

I would drive home, up our street and turn into the driveway. Glancing at the front door.

There they were, waiting for me like an eager pet was a nameless, smiling toddler.

Not a real one, mind you, but the mascot on each box of Huggies.

In the days leading up to Kayla’s shower party several gifts began arriving early. Many of them being diapers. A slow trickle at first, then more and more.

The mountain of diapers in B.K.’s room has grown significantly in the last few days since most of them were delivered at the shower on Saturday.

Instead of falling in line with the popular “diaper keg” tradition, Kayla opted for a “Kayla’s favorite things” raffle where tickets were purchased with diapers to win a gift bag with some of her favorite things. Starbucks, Ulta and alcohol were primary ingredients.

Kayla doesn’t like being the center of attention. She also doesn’t like baby showers.

Her initial idea called for a couple’s shower, though I was able to talk her out of this one. You’re welcome, fellas.

A backup idea of incorporating Oktoberfest, ironic since the event was to celebrate Kayla and a baby, neither of whom? Have had alcohol in the last seven months, moved to the top of the list.

I wasn’t there for much of the actual shower, but did help set up.  

And I have to say, it was impressive. Kayla and her two sisters are like a dream team of party planning, from the popcorn-filled steins to the Onesie decorating content and homemade pretzels I’m still eating several days later.

There was also a name guessing contest. You’re all wrong, BTW.

Most importantly, Kayla enjoyed it. She had a great time being surrounded by all these fabulous people. And opening presents.

Going to an actual Oktoberfest after the party was also a nice touch. There happened to be one in Lincoln the group attended, where I won a stein holding contest. No big deal.

We even had a designated driver for the event. I have six weeks left to take advantage of that.

Now that the shower’s in the books it’s time to get serious. I’m talking of course about decorating her room.

We’d been putting it off until after the event when we would have a better idea of what we have to work with and what we still need to buy.

Thankfully our wonderful friends and family came through with way too many gifts. Six weeks before she gets here, this girl’s already spoiled.

There are a few things left to eventually buy, like a stroller. Even though Kayla’s already carried her for nearly nine months, so what’s a few more years?