Poop won’t hurt you and other lessons from parenthood

Two weeks ago Kayla and I left the hospital, our family a little bigger.

I expected this to be terrifying, that we would want to stay in the hospital where helpful nurses were just a push of the button away.

On the contrary, Kayla and I couldn’t wait to get our fresh-faced Kate home and fall into a routine. I’ll be honest, we might have been just a little rude to hospital staff holding us up with our discharge because we wanted to hit the road.

I’ll always remember carrying Kate through the hospital lobby on the way out. Avoiding every bump on the drive home and glancing in the mirror with a wince every time I hit a Lincoln pothole. Carrying Kate inside, and saying welcome home.

These are great first memories. The first time Kate shit on me wasn’t exactly a great one, but I’ll cling to all of the memories I can.

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