The terrible two(month)s

It’s been two months since Kate was born, and so far she’s a happy, healthy baby. We haven’t had that much time to screw things up, though becoming parents has certainly been an adjustment for both of us. There have been sleepless nights, poop-filled diapers and empty bottles.

These are some of the things we’ve figured out along the way.

When the going gets rough and Kate’s inconsolable, there’s one sure way to calm her down. Gizmo.

It was a running joke since we came home from the hospital that she reminded me of the most adorable Mogwai from the movie Gremlins, Gizmo.

We had to get her a stuffed Gizmo for Christmas, and it quickly became her favorite toy to look at. Gizmo sits at the top of her changing table and the two have staring contests the whole time we’re changing her.

It’s hard to realize just how much Kate has grown in only two months when you see her on a daily basis, until you look back at the photos from when she was born. Then it’s apparent how much she’s changed in a short time. This girl is growing like a weed. And it’s not just her size. I swear she tries to repeat things I say. That may be an exaggeration, but she is becoming more vocal. And not just crying.

She grunts and squeaks all the time. She can follow your face or her favorite Gremlin with her eyes. And I do think she smiles when you play with her or give eskimo kisses. She also seems to be smiling when she’s pooping, but it’s worth it to see that face. She goes through several diapers a day, but thankfully the poop doesn’t smell yet.

On most nights she sleeps well and occasionally gets a solid six hours overnight. I still usually wake up every three worrying if she’s alright, but at least one of us is getting some rest.

We’re gradually learning how to adapt our personal lives to being parents.  More take out and less sit-down restaurants on date night. Going out to a movie now requires calling in a favor to family, who are happy to answer the call to watch her for a few hours. We try not to abuse this and have only left her with family once. Still, I think it’s gone very smooth overall. We work as a team as much as possible, though Kayla tends to be on night duty, even though we both wake up since she’s nursing and is also hasn’t gone back to work yet.  

That changes in a few weeks. In February, we’ll experience a role reversal when Kayla goes back to work and I’m staying home with Kate for three weeks. I suspect this will be a more difficult adjustment than having a kid to begin with.

There’s no doubt that Kayla has experienced cabin fever after more than eight weeks away from work with nobody to talk to. She’s eager to get back to the daily grind, though I suspect she’s going to miss having her days with Kate more than she thinks. I’m predicting tears.

Maybe from all three of us. My ladies have had nearly two months to bond all day during the week while I’m at work. They’ve built a routine I’m hoping I can settle into. I’m already at a disadvantage since I can’t nurse myself. Sorry Kate. Get ready for being fed from a bottle.

Still, I’m excited. It’s tough coming home after work and hearing about everything you missed. Hopefully we’ll get along well. Check back on about three weeks.